1. 40 Seconds

From the recording "DEMO 1.0"

Downloaded from humancodemusic.com


40 Seconds
Song written by Michael Drive

Fate is a funny thing
When you know you can’t come back
My attempts were vain
Only to find it’s too late …too late

Looking out my little window
See all the people there below
Wishing they could all climb in
I’m wishing only that it will not blow
40 seconds till the gasses burn
I’m happy to be on the list
Soon I’ll be floating way up
Will you send her up here for one last kiss?

Tomorrow will be…
Lonely when the sun is far away
Cold and dark, I’m drifting into space
My heart is racing, I feel very strange… but nice

Drinking lunch with my little window-
Shows me what looks like… Africa
Float down to the gym where I work out my tension
I feel so alive
Here it does not rain
Where you can’t kiss your lover
But you get to fly
Love my electronic life
Will I die for it? Deep in here?

Miles away my family celebrates
I reach for my video cam display
But the sound is garbled coming out
Cause it’s just my past life anyway, today
It’s just my past life anyway, today