1. Alter Ego

From the recording Subhuman


Lyrics by Michael Drive

I am one face one way
I am two-faced right
I am Jekyll in the morning
I am Hyde at night
I’ll say one thing to you
I’ll say two things true
But watch out for that third one
I’ll promise you the moon
Shut the light
Don’t expose my every line
What you don’t want to know
Alter ego: Friend or foe, you never know
Alter ego: What you see is not who you know
Blind is your trust in me
I am your idol sham
Till you wake up one morning
I somehow changed the plan
What became your first love
Became my last laugh
As you descend in obscurity
Your glory changed so fast
Shut the light
Don’t expose what you have done
You thought no one would know
Prodigal is your name
Alter Ego knows
Secret sin is your game
Hoping nothing shows
But now your payment to Piper is due
…and you know it well
Yet there is hope, return to me
From the place you fell
Face the light, face the music
You know the prize is worth more than you think
Alter ego: Friend turned foe, you were not true
Alter ego: What you let inside was not who I knew
Alter ego: If you knew the love I had for you
Alter ego: I would’ve shared my world, forever with you
Alter ego: Yet, now return to me, your truest love
What’s your choice? To “ride the fence” is not my voice
Alter ego: Where are you? Where are you?