1. Dystopia

From the recording Subhuman


Lyrics by Michael Drive

Welcome to Dystopia
Do you know you’re sinking deeper-
Down from up?
Don’t you fear, Dystopia
All is fine, don’t seek a higher way
Stay with us
Welcome to my world
We’ve got lots of ways to distract you
Come and see
Sex, drugs, rock n roll is all you need
Beddy-time, sleep on, fade
Never mind the cliff ahead
Or your coming pain
Ya, baby, worship in vain
I’ll rock your world… Dystopia
If it feels good, then do it - no restraint
Time for your Dystopia
You’re no wiser than a blowfish-
Once you come in
Got-ya right where I want-ya
Every time that you fall
It gets tougher to get up-
From the floor that you smash your face upon
Bloody as your face is
Still, you’re back for more of me-
You worthless prey
You’re the definition of insanity
With fair eyes, lukewarm gaze
Dystopia is a pile of good looking waste-
(When I know where it leads you face to face)
Get out of your cell, Hell’s expanding itself
To receive all who’d give in to its spell