1. Crash & Burn

From the recording Subhuman


Lyrics by Michael Drive

Face the wall
Run to the flame
Say hello to your future
Your dream is stained
You’re strung out again
Cast your hope to the wind
To your “land of never”
Yeah, but don’t you go
Crash and burn, you go
Get up and live again
Crash and burn we go
Get strong again
Lay to waste the past you bear
The negative influence
It all can stay there
Now’s your chance
To really get fulfilled
Only God can move you
To the place where your faith is built
Get your motor howling louder
Get your foot off the brake
See what kills you and lay it all down
I know you lost your way but it can still be found
On the rights of the choice you make now
Break the weight of your demise
The one that keeps you down
From ever finding truth from lies
The echoes of your doubt
Crash and burn – Get out!
Crash and burn – Give the past somewhere to go!
Crash and burn – It won’t control me!
Crash and burn – I know a much better way, GET OUT!
Break free of your slavery