Birth Pangs


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The first Barren Cross album in 19 years! Featuring The Single: "WHITEWASHED LOVE" | All four original members | 18 songs - 1 hour 33 min of music | Includes Digital Booklet. Deluxe CD option includes 20 Page physical Booklet [few left]. “THIS IS ONE OF BC’S MOST POWERFUL AND IMPORTANT PERFORMANCES EVER! 'BIRTH PANGS' EXCELS BARREN CROSS TO NEW HEIGHTS." "This album is more than exciting, it is Barren Cross at their finest, a shining moment for them!” “Birth Pangs is not just another album; it’s fantastic!” Lead singer/composer, and original founding member, Michael Drive (Lee) says: “I have never been as excited over an album in our performance of it as I am with 'Birth Pangs; it is definitely my favorite BC album to date.” | Recorded in Switzerland.

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